dirk solte 2PD Dr. Dirk Solte


Doktor of economic engineer, business economist and futurologist, amongst other things in the board of management of „Ökonomie und Finanzmarkt“ in the Senate of Economy, Bonn.





margrit kennedy

Dr Margrit Kennedy

Ecologist, currency expert, author





Peter Konle

Peter Konle

Member of the executive board of Sparda Bank Munich eG department corporate management






Graeme Maxton

Scottish economist, Secretary General of the Club of Rome, Author of “The end of growth“





wolfgang kessler 2

Dr Wolfgang Kessler

chief editor, author, Publik Forum editorial agency, Frankfurt am Main, Germany





prof schneider 2

Dr Friedrich Schneider

University of Linz, Austria, Expert on informal economy, tax fraud and organised crime.






Thierry Philipponat

former secretary General of Finance Watch, Investment banker in Paris, London and New York for 25 years, Co-founder of Finance Watch in 2011





joost mulder

Joost Mulder

Head of the Public Affairs department at Finance Watch, Lobbyist in the financial industry for 4 years working for Finance Watch for 3 years





hans scharpf

Hans Scharpf LL. M.

Lawyer in Frankfurt am Main since 1986 amongst others, member of the expert committee for real estates area city of Frankfurt





sven giegold

Sven Giegold

Group of the Greens in European Parliament co-founder of Tax Justice Network amongst others





reinhard blomert

Dr Reinhard Blomert

Research associate of the Berlin Social Science Center, amongst others biograph of John M. Keynes and Adam Smith Editor of the magazine “Leviathan”