How does the creation of money work?

To understand the financial crisis we have to go back to World War II

Do we need a 700 Trillion Dollar Derivate market?

Investment banks developed new techniques, for example securitisation.

Banks create money out of nothing.

Todays laws are basically made by Lobbyists.

Abolishing interest as a type of income.

Mortgage brokers, acting as middle men, determined who got loans, then passed on the responsibility for those loans on to others.

A loan costs interest, which is a burden for the final consumers and the entrepreneurs.

It became evident that we went to far with the deregulation of the financial market.

Is it possible that a parcel of land worth 50 million is funded for 90 million? Yes.

Accounting, the worst weapon of the financial system.

Why is it that large banks cannot go bankrupt?

Each monetary system that is based on depts and interests has to crash.

This is how the foundation of the worldwide house of cards disintegrated.

We have to find the underlying reasons for these inhumane conditions.

What we are not doing is saying: There is the world we would like to create!

Adam Smith’s idea was that we have a natural desire to help our fellowmen.

In 2030 the total global economic output would have to be spent on interests and return, if the system remains the same.

The global financial system does not in any way depend on sufficient savings in order to grant a loan.

How shall we tame the wild side of economy?

Debts are: money created by the bank.

It was me who produced this new money. And who am I? I’m the debtor.