johanna günthe, origina 1l

After the crisis in 2007/2008, we wanted to understand the financial system.

What is causing these bubbles? How much money does currently exist, and who owns it?

Can we repair the system? Do we need a new one?

Who creates money, and what’s the difference between money (0), money (1), money (2)?

The comedian Günther Lainer and Johanna Tschautscher together with their team produced the cinema documentary

Too BIG To Tell” – Research on the financial system”.

The documentary was very well received by the audience, including financial experts, professors, students, bankers.

As many institutions asked for an English version, the film was translated by Peter Jud, Winterthur.

The feature documentary “Too BIG To Tell” was produced to explain some of the most important details of the financial world.

We have to understand what we want to change.